Old Designs

Here are some of my older designs. There are many more, I’ve tried to stick to only those for which I could find a published review or notice.

1982: Colorport – parallel I/O expansion card for the TRS-80 Color Computer
Tandy’s Little Wonder.pdf  1983 Internet Archive (search on “Color Port”)

1982: Multiport – 4 slot expansion card for the TRS-80 Color Computer
Compute! Magazine.pdf  January 1983 Internet Archive (search on “Multiport”)

2001: picoXpert – handheld expert system developer and viewer
Handheld Computing January/February 2003 (couldn’t find a link to that review but I still have a couple of copies of that issue) (google “picoxpert” to find lots of old stuff)
The picoXpert Story

2002: picoBASIC – handheld Integer BASIC interpreter
Modern alternatives to picoBASIC 2014 pocketpc.teradown.com

2003: picoViewer – handheld disassemblers for various microprocessors
Tucows Software Library 2004 Internet Archive
picoViewer 6502
(chips included 1802, 6502, 6800, 6805, 6809, 8051, 8085)
Slides: picoViewer