An informal group of citizen science enthusiasts, Geopense was formed by me in 2007 (appearing publicly in 2008).
It is not a commercial or big advocacy enterprise in any way. It merely serves to augment the modest efforts of a few people to advance citizen science in general and computational citizen science in particular. We mainly discuss math, science, and computers.

Many citizen science projects are run by universities and small endeavours which use distributed computation provided by worldwide volunteer participants to make up for a lack of resources. Although interestingly, some are now incorporating larger ‘supercomputers’ into their efforts as the compute/cost ratio of such machines increases exponentially.

When trying to come up with a name, things like “World Think” and “Earth Think” were already taken or used. So, I went to French and came up with “Géo Pense”, perhaps not a perfect translation, but close enough and easy to pronounce in English. Some of the early interest was in Europe, so the accented ‘e’ didn’t hurt either.

We maintain a web presence, but we don’t actively pursue participation or membership.
Visit our Facebook page and leave a comment if you like.


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